Rule #1 of Webmarketing: MOTIVATION

December 8th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Featured Articles

If you want to earn in the Internet, to build a user-friendly site is the answer; you have to use the web-marketing rules to make the site fascinating and not only informative, that’s the key to sell something.

Actually we websurf the net looking for info about products or other things, but is this enough to convince us to buy them? Of course not, so anything you want to sell in the Internet must in first place MOTIVATE the potential customer.

Web-marketing isn’t that different from the traditional marketing from this perspective, motivating customer is the basis, the starting point.

Probably you’ll be thinking that it isn’t something new, that you already know that. Then, all the more so should know that huge sites that hire experts of webmarketing. Nevertheless, if you take a look at some very well-known e-commerce sites, it’s hard to find one that tries to motivate you (the exception being sites that sell e-book and electronic stuff like that – i.e. Clickbank).

Take yeah, it’s the number one site for the electronic commerce, it’s very well done and very user friendly, but it doesn’t motivate you to buy. Often you won’t find more than two sentences about the contents of the book and ZERO motivation toward buying, so the customer doesn’t really understand the benefits of buying that specific object. Motivation totally lacks here, we have only the informational part.

And so in situation like those it’s not that uncommon to lose potential customers just when would be sufficient few right words to complete the deal.

In the end, the #1 rule of webmarketing is motivation, and we can achieve this convincing the customers of the benefits consequent to their purchase.

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